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Program Name #1:  Building Self-Esteem Through the Use of Black Dolls with a Section on Other Ethnic Groups Making Up the Family Unit

Program’s Subtopic: Dolls Imitating Humans

Program Description: 2,000 dolls are imitating humans and representing the American way of life.  The dolls are in an expo type mode and are acting in eleven categories which demonstrate various images: read more

Program Name #2: Black Inventors and their Inventions-Black Scientists and their Discoveries

Program Description: The program consists of displaying over 250 items invented or discovered by Blacks (Some in the original patent stage and others showing upgrades from the original patent) Other features are: Introduction of a personal invention, the audience is encouraged to use their amazing brain and their multi-talented hands to invent something, an illustration of how the world depends on each other for the day to day goods we use regardless of race, color or creed, audience participation in a charade-type game, and the audience is taught vocabulary associated with inventions and discoveries.

Program Name #3:  The Man Himself-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Program Description: The presentation contains approximately 100 or more items associated with Dr. King. Through the display and exhibits, you will hear his famous speech, “I Have a Dream.” The items are in the form of posters, sculptures, paintings, photographs, books, scrapbooks, drawings, plus the famous meeting of Dr. King and Malcolm X.  The paintings and posters show Dr. King in various moods by his facial features and gestures.  He is depicted at the Birmingham Jail, the March in Cairo, Illinois and his last march to Memphis, Tennessee.

Program Name #4:  Other Artifacts and Memorabilia

Program Description: This phase of Black Footprints include the following combined exhibits. read more