Our Mission

Mission – 

We support the collection, preservation and presentation of historical materials and artifacts that chronicle the experiences of people of African descent in America and elsewhere to insure that economically advantaged, disadvantages and handicapped individuals participate in programs which accomplish this mission.


  • Gather, identify, and categorize artifacts and information about the rich history and multi-faceted history of the African experience in various formats.
  • Preserve the culture of Black Americans by presenting its history through verbal and visual presentations, exhibits and engaging the audiences in these activities.
  • Provide a wealth of information through research and documentation of printed materials, photo scrapbooks, copious facsimiles of historical items and, in some cases, actual items,  and audio/video recordings that help express the Black experience in America.
  • Travel extensively where accessibility to schools, churches, community centers, boys’ and girls’ clubs, exhibits, workshops, seminars, lectures, conventions, expos, etc. can take place in a multicultural setting.  This accessibility is for the purpose of educating the masses concerning African American’s rich heritage and its relevance to the continuation of a race.
  • Organize and catalogue existing collections used in presentations sponsored by B. R. I. G. H. T. historical organization.
  • Keep presentations at an economically affordable rate.

Community Service

  • Annually set up exhibits at public government run buildings.
  • Annually speak free of charge to children at various facilities and functions.
  • Annually loan various materials to schools and other organizations
  • Annually loan printed materials to teachers for use during Black History Month.
  • Annually set up unattended exhibits in department stores for Black History Month.
  • Provide educational assignments to teachers and other sponsors of programs, to give to individuals who will be attending a presentation activity.

Learning opens the world to minds ripe for the journey  ——- Author Unknown