Black Inventions and Discoveries

Program Name:

Black Inventors and their Inventions-Black Scientists and their Discoveries

Program Description: 

The program consists of displaying over 250 items invented or discovered by Blacks. Some inventions and discoveries are in their original patented stage while others show upgrades from the original patent. Some of the researched inventions and discoveries are reasonable facsimiles. Other features include an introduction of a personal invention by the director. During presentations, the audience is encouraged to use their amazing brains and their multi-talented hands to invent or create something, and an illustration of how the world depends on each other for all day to day goods is shown. The audience will be shown that regardless of race, color, creed or orientation of the inventor or discoverer, the ending product serves all mankind. Audience participation with a charade-type game of guessing the identity of an invention is a popular hit, and the audience is exposed to vocabulary associated with inventions and discoveries. Black Inventors and Black Scientists invented and discovered items in three categories. The following are items from these various categories.

Inventions and Discoveries Involved with and Used in Cooking

Sweet Potato
Rolling Pin










Inventions and Discoveries of items involved with and used in cooking occurred because a considerable number of Blacks worked in kitchens or around them, so it was natural that various cooking utensils and methods to make life better came about.  Utensils such as the sifter, grater, dough kneader, rolling pin, sieve, mallet, peanuts, and sweet potato are profound examples.  Others are red pepper, peanuts,  lemon peeler, steel wool pad, canned food, barbecue sauce, refrigerator, meat tenderizer, yeast bread, cutting board, ice cream scoop and cookie cutter. Other items include Famous Amos Cookies, coconut grinder, rolling pin, funnel, cheese slicer, food cutting board, process for preparing salt, lemon squeezer, fish scaler, peanut oil, peanut butter, ice cream churn and dasher, mayonnaise, etc. The gas burner, the process for preparing foods and the making of ice cream were also brilliant examples of enhancing the art of cooking.

Inventions and Discoveries that Improve Health

False Teeth







Inventions and discoveries to save or improve the value of life came about as an extreme necessity because people wanted to survive illness and death.  Some necessities were the hard hat, safety glasses, bullet proof vests, false teeth, life jackets, stethoscope, cortisone, bandages, blood preservation, medicine organizer, fire retardant material, rain cap and bonnet, hair grease, cortisone cream, lotion, fingernail polish, wax, moisturizer cream, shoes, insecticide, blood products, curling iron, hot comb, shoe arch support, lipstick, eye protector, blood sample tube, traffic light, car signal light, soap, comb, windshield wiper, scaffold, HIV Aids Kit, heart pacemaker, hard hat, shaving cream, floatation device, safety glasses, shoe stitching machine, straightening comb, and hair curlers, etc.

Inventions and Discoveries that Make Work Easier

Ironing with legs attached
Scrub Board
Luggage Carrier
Shoeshine Kit







Inventions and discoveries that make work easier showed episodes of genius when putting legs on a flat board to make an ironing board so bending could be avoided, and the casket lowering machine that was used to help with the heaviness and awkwardness of lowering a coffin into the ground were created. Other such inventions and discoveries were the picker upper, ironing board, (Upgraded with legs), pencil sharpener, glue, fitted sheet, aluminum foil cutter, tire gauge, curtain rod holder, hole puncher, pants’ hanger, lawn sprinkler, dishwashing formula, Plexi glass, clothes pins, paper towel holder, McCall Patterns, axle grease, lubricating can, door stop, vacuum cleaner, mop, broom, brush for silking corn, coin holder, train coupler, lawn mower, street sweeper, and scrub board, etc. 

Inventions for Fun and Leisure

Spinning Top
Wooden Horse and Wagon






Another category of inventions and discoveries that were secondary to the previous inventions and discoveries were items of leisure, pleasure or fun such as 3-D Viewing classes, Hip Hop Kids (Dolls), Super Soaker, hammock, golf tee, wooden toys, recorder and playback system and the rocking horse. The microphone, comprehension and memory games, telescope, ultraviolent camera, bicycle, tricycle, popsicle mold, ice cream and scoop, sleigh, fishing rod, camera tripod, movie projector, 3-D glasses, saxophone parts, guitar, picnic table, pool table, spinning top, and wagon were some other items. It was only after the work was done and a life of extremely back breaking duties were minimized, did thoughts turn to inventing or discovering items of leisure.