Building Self-Esteem Using Dolls Imitating Humans

If you ever watched children playing with dolls or recall yourself playing with them, you can see how the topic “Dolls Imitating Humans” relates.  Doll makers and owners of dolls make them do human things like walking, talking, eating, and the list can go on and on.  Dolls are made in the likenesses of people and how they look and what they do take them closer to human characteristics.  The Black Footprints Collection has over 2,000 Black dolls with a section called The Melting Pot which introduces other races and ethnic groups.  Regardless of the fact that dolls are not human, they sure play the part.  Now, journey with us to discover just how true the proceeding statement can be.

Program Name:

Building Self-Esteem Through the Use of Black Dolls with a Section on Other Ethnic Groups Making Up the Family Unit

Program Description: 

More than 2,000 Dolls Imitating Humans are preforming numerous activities that represent the American way of life.  Dolls are acting in ten categories which are: Appearances/Accepted and Unaccepted, Health Issues, Family Members, Moods and Feelings/Character Traits, Life Roles, Traditions, Careers,  Stereotypical Images, Recreation and Sports and a General Melting Pot. When all dolls are presented at one setting, they appear in an expo type exhibit.


Appearances / Accepted and Unaccepted

Accepted Dress
Unaccepted Dress









This category demonstrates shades of skin color, body shapes and sizes, hair styles, sleepwear, formal wear, casual dress, attire for various countries, stereotypical body features, sagging pants, body cleavage, tightly fitting garments, unkept hair, etc.

Health Issues

Doll with one leg
Doll with a spinal issue









This section brings attention to types of illnesses and survival.  Dolls in this section are shown on crutches, cancer awareness and survival, broken limbs, amputees, blindness, burns, hair problems, etc.

Family Members

Grandpa and Grandma take a ride
A mother with her twins








These dolls are depicted as mothers holding babies, sisters, fathers in work clothes, grandparents sitting in rocking chairs, riding in buggies,  step-parents, dolls in high chairs, in strollers, in bassinets, and cradles, etc.

Moods and Feelings/Character Traits

Not too positive facial expressions
A happy bunch
Consequences or time out







In this section, the doll’s facial expressions and body language show happiness, sadness, confusion, anger, fear, relaxation, loneliness, and consequences, etc.

Life Roles

Grocery shopping
Teachable outfit









In this section dolls are demonstrating responsibility, such as grocery shopping performing chores, showing violence, being patriotic, showing teachable traits such as how to snap, zip, button, buckle clothes and how to tie one’s shoes, etc.


Social Greek Life







The traditional celebrations such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Holiday, worship service, Rites of Passage, Underground Railroad, Kwanzaa, Greek Organizations, marriage, christening, Labor Day and the Fourth of July are demonstrated in this section.


Telephone Operator
Basketball player









Dolls in this section represent dancers, preachers, teachers, nuns, comedians, gymnasts, sport figures, gardeners, clowns, telephone operators, etc.

Stereotypical Images 

This section shows Pick-a-nin-ny or caricature figures characterized by: blackface, eating, watermelon, oversized red lips, absence of shoes, torn clothing, and confused facial expressions, etc.

Distorted figures







General Melting Pot

Here you get an exquisite and unique look at types of dolls from different ethnic backgrounds. The phrase, “Give me Your Huddled Masses” really comes alive  in an exhibit and presentation that show a mixing bowl of dolls from America and around the world.  This extraordinary group gives a look at how dolls are genuinely imitating humans. The dolls are featured in their Native Dress which makes for a magnificent educational experience.

Dolls from around the world







Recreation and Sports

Basketball player









This section features dolls demonstrating activities such as football, basketball, skating, boxing, swimming, racing, tennis, exercising, etc.