Dolls Imitating Humans

Program Name:

Building Self-Esteem Through the Use of Black Dolls with a Section on Other Ethnic Groups Making Up the Family Unit

Program Description: 

2000 Dolls Imitating Humans are preforming numerous activities that represent the American way of life.  Dolls are acting in eleven categories including, Appearances, Health, Family Members, Moods and Feelings/Character Traits, Conditions, Traditions, Careers, Inappropriate Appearances,  Stereotypical Images and a General Melting Pot. The dolls are in an expo type exhibit.


  • Appearances

such as shades of skin color, body shapes and sizes, hair styles, sleepwear, formal wear, stereotypical images (e.g. Smart, slow, etc.)

  • Health

this section brings attention to types of illnesses and survival.  Dolls are shown on crutches, cancer awareness and survival, broken limbs, amputees, blindness, burns, hair problems, etc.

  • Family Members –

are depicted by mothers holding babies, fathers in work clothes, grandparents sitting in rocking chairs, step parents, dolls in high chairs, strollers, basinets, cradles, etc.

  • Moods and Feelings/Character Traits – 

where doll’s facial expressions and body language show happiness, sadness, anger, fear, relaxation, etc.

  • Conditions

such as being responsible, performing chores, showing violence, being patriotic, showing timeout, etc.

  • Traditions

such as Easter, Thanksgiving, D. Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial Holiday, worship service, Rites of Passage, Underground Railroad, Kwanzaa, Sororities, etc.

  • Careers

represent dancer, preacher, teacher, nun, gymnast, sport figures, gardener, telephone operator, etc.

  • Inappropriate Appearances –

such as sagging pants, showing cleavage, tightly fitting garments, unkempt hair, etc.

  • Stereotypical Images

such as pick-a-nin-ny or caricature figures characterized by: blackface, watermelon eating, red lips, absence of shoes, etc.

  • General Melting Pot –

is an exquisite and unique look at types of dolls from different ethnic backgrounds.