Dolls Imitating Humans

Dolls Imitating Humans

If you ever watched children playing with dolls or recall yourself playing with them, you can see how the topic, Dolls Imitating Humans relates.  Doll makers and owners of dolls make them do human things like walking, talking, eating, and the list goes on and on.  Dolls are made in the likenesses of people and how they look and what they do take them closer to human characteristics.  The Black Footprints’ Collection has over 2,000 Black Dolls with sections called Diversity in the Family and The Melting Pot which introduces other races and ethnic groups.  Regardless of the fact that dolls are not human, they sure play the part.

Now, journey with us to discover just how true the preceding statement can be. Follow the links below to begin the virtual tour.

Recreation and Sports

(The Black Footprints’ Collection has dolls acting in the categories below)

Hiking, Swimming, Boxing, Playtime, Skating, Bicycle Riding, Motorcycle Riding, Swinging, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Buggy Riding, Horse Back Riding, Dancing