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Mrs. Mattie P. Sanders is a retired Guidance Director at Berkeley Middle School in The Berkeley County School District with 34 total years in education. Prior to her employment in Berkeley County, Ms. Sanders taught at Dunbar High School in Washington, DC, Rabaut Junior High School in Washington, DC, and Baptist Hill High School in […]

Our Mission

We support the collection, preservation and presentation of historical materials and artifacts that chronicle the experiences of people of African descent in America and elsewhere to insure that economically advantaged, disadvantages and handicapped individuals participate in programs which accomplish this mission.


B. R. I. G. H. T. Historical Organization, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 Tax Exempt Non-Profit Organization. B. R. I. G. H. T. stands for “Blacks Righting Injustices and Gaining High Triumphs.” The organization supports the Black History Collection entitled, “Black Footprints:  Blacks-Past and Present.” The BlackFootprints Collection consists of 13 oral and visual presentations […]

About Us

Since its earliest beginnings as a nation, American history has been taught selectively. Educational curricula have consistently avoided and misrepresented issues related to people of color. These distortions of the American experience have bred cultural intolerance, created an atmosphere of hostility toward African American people, and a total disregard for their contributions to all aspects of American life. Since the blatant omission of the extraordinary history of the African American people from American text books, African Americans, as well as other races, have not benefitted from it.  That same omission has fueled a legacy of misconceptions about African culture and mores which has caused a division among African Americans and Caucasians that continues to cast a negative shadow over these United States. The systematic avoidance of teaching an inclusive American history to all of our nation’s children has created a hole in America’s coat of armor. We lack the tools to exist... 

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Unique Doll Collection Makes An Impact

When Mattie Sanders started collecting dolls more than 25 years ago she wanted to tell a story. “I wanted to give kids a sense of respect,” said the retired Berkeley Middle School guidance counselor. “I would see kids so ashamed of who they were or where they came from … “I wanted to do something that could reach out to just one child and tell them, yes you are special and yes you can be proud of who you are.” The exhibit – “Dolls Imitate Humans” – was presented...